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Diary of a Maddening Happy Woman

My toughest client yet has reached out to start seeking help. Although I would never disclose any personal issues that are divulged in our confidential sessions, this particular client has issues that should be shared and has given me an all-access pass to try and understand these barriers and overcome them.

She (can I say she?) is messy, disorganized, an imperfect perfectionist, loud, all-too forgiving, rambunctious, wild, perpetually happy, approval-seeking mess with all sorts of issues. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, my first client is me.

Before I start the break down on how I plan to address and conquer each of these magnificent issues, I would like to break down the notion that these are issues for me but may not be issues for anyone else. It is a very interesting paradigm to think in terms of opportunities instead of devastation. For example, I may not be particularly proud of the fact that I am messy, but my creativity and ability to pounce on out-of-the-ordinary slices of life comes from my non-linear thinking. This is not to say that all of us need to be cookie cutter (here goes the approval-seeking in me!) in how we choose to live our lives. The common thread in all of my separate issues are that a) I am not the only one and b) I need to find the way to best catalog them into positives instead of negatives. This is know. Follow me along for the ride of self-discovery and the unraveling of the journey.



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The small success of my youngest napping!!

(Don’t worry, I’m parked. NO TEXTING AND DRIVING for me!)


Today is the Day MAY 13th, 2013! RELAUNCH DAY!

This is the diary of my journey that will spiral to the depths of amazing. I am small, in stature and in visablity (as of now), but I am a powerful and determined beast. Today is a day I will consider my RELAUNCH date and will consist of discussing what my intent with the blog will be. I will be my first and foremost coach and will use my own experience as a testament to what I can do for others. I will be my own best friend and hope you can see the transparency of my ride. I hope I can be of help to others who are battling their own struggles through the relay of my own process.

My mission statement: To help others determine their ultimate self to reach their own happiness.

I will clarify my plan as I learn this idea called blogging.

Motivational Coach Princess Bliss

Motivational Coach
Princess Bliss