Quest to Create Young Jetsetters!

They said it couldn’t be done… traveling to Hawaii with, whaaat your KIDS?! We just got back from taking my 3 boys 6 and under from the adventure of surfing on the world-renowned North Shore, Hawaii. I can honestly say it was an amazingly joyous time. We got a lot of slack for trying to take our kids around the world. If we let others limit our beliefs, we wouldn’t be who we are. I hope that by completing a this trip, many who said it was “impossible” to have a good time with kids, would rethink their paradigm. We are so thankful that we did! Are you willing to work to get what you want? We ARE! We HAVE! and We WILL! Cheers to changing the world one person at a time. We are in the perpetual quest to show my boys the world is their oyster. They make me want to open their eyes to infinite possibilities through travel. Lucky me-I get 3 rambunctious boys who keep me young and loving life!!



Proud Mama alert!! Mason took it upon himself to stand up on his own, surprising even the surf coach. Dax is racing against Chris. And of course-yes, that is my FOUR year old braving the ocean! They get it from their mama. Yeah right, C was a BEAST on the sea. Don’t know if I should be more terrified or excited!


They are so young that they honestly believe they can do anything without failure…oh to have that belief truly in your heart back! Imagine if everything in your world went RIGHT?!? How would you change how you are living RIGHT now?! If you can look at your darkest hours and be grateful for the catalyst in changing your views to be open to possibilities, imagine how you can live your life to the fullest?




Yes, he is FOUR braving the ocean!


This Mommy Surfs. Not just a spectator, you want to do something? DO IT!


He is flying through the sea! This man does not chase dreams, he catches them! Find your joy!


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