Luisa Frias is currently in her final stages of her doctoral dissertation in Curriculum and Supervision and loves all things education, teaching, training, motivation, and finding and sustaining life’s passion.  She has had multiple once-in-a-lifetime experiences frequently and relishes them ALL. These experiences all culminate into the dream of becoming your Life Coach. Maneuvering through the parenting landscape with three rambunctious boys ages five and under has given her superpowers in the realms of patience, humor, and accepting that plans WILL inevitably go awry, always. Luisa makes mistakes on a daily basis, so you don’t have to.  Before children, her hobbies included reading, traveling, meeting new people and experiencing life, now her hobbies include chasing the ever-evasive pastime called sleep.

Quick Update: This blog is the very first step in taking a lifelong dream and it becoming a reality. I hope if you find any print you like, that you will share it with others and start discussions on how to best help each other through this little thing called LIFE. I am that annoying friend who is genuinely excited when you reach your potential! I am a fanatic about living and would love to learn from others who embrace it just as much.

I choose to be happy, sometimes it’s tough, but it is ALWAYS worth it.


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One thought on “About

  1. Chris McLaughlin

    Anyone who chooses to be happy like yourself and knows that we all control our own destiny is an INSPIRATION!!! I’m looking forward to following your journey through this all and I look forward to reading your blogs. I will share this with others, too.


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